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INFRA is a first-person puzzle adventure PC game sold in Steam. The puzzles are detailed and grounded in engineering so you may only solve them with wits and patience. INFRA is not a horror game, but you may come to feel so after playing it. Suspense and excitement come from the crumbling infrastructure as well as dark and eerie environments and the unique soundscape around you.

Steam / Windows
Adventure, Puzzle
Regular Price
EUR 27.99€
USD $29.99
GBP £23.79
Release date
Jan 15, 2016 (Part I)
Sep 24, 2016 (Part II)
Sep 27, 2017 (Part III)
Gamer evaluation (AVG)
Very positive


The game has about 50 maps each of them taking on average about an hour to complete. Some spend less time, others a lot more thanks to the high replay value. You might simply want to study the extraordinary architecture which is unique in each map. Or perhaps you are fascinated by the underlying story and wish to dig deeper to get a better grasp of it. WARNING! As you play the game you may be hooked and join the incredible INFRA community of fans who play the game repeatedly only to find out that there are extra layers to the game no-one else had yet discovered.


INFRA puts you into the boots of an ordinary structural analyst – nothing more than a desk jockey assigned to survey some routine structural damage. Quickly though, your mission turns from a mundane trek to a fight for survival, all caused by deep-rooted schemes of the past. Your tools are simple: the camera around your neck and the wits to navigate a virtual labyrinth of debris. How you tell your story is your choice, will you have the commitment to finish your duty, or will you ignore all else but the preservation of your own life?

Instead of large explosions and powerful guns, you will rely on your cunning to survive puzzles in an incredibly detailed world. As you travel through the infrastructure of a city you will find that your actions and thorough observations ultimately determine if others will survive. A society obsessed with upgradation has brought a disaster upon itself and it is your job to help restore it.


  • Solve varying mechanical and electrical puzzles
  • Explore highly detailed maps with multiple routes and hidden secrets
  • Visit dozens of unique locations, each with their distinctive gameplay
  • Avoid hazards and survive in the crumbling world
  • Learn about the city of Stalburg and its people
  • Uncover a massive scheme behind the city's problems


Gamers have provided on average very positive evaluations of the game. Similar view of INFRA is held also by members of media:

"It features a game world with very high attention to detail, and well researched infrastructure designed to resemble the real thing."
TV Tropes
"If you genuinely enjoy thriller novels, its storyline is guaranteed to have you feeling ecstatic."
Aida Vasquez, Architecture lab
"A+ goes to ‘no guns or physical violence but still dark and exciting'".
Saara-Maija Pakarinen, Opengisgal
"The most satisfying architecture in PC games"
Brendan Caldwell, Rockpapershotgun
"INFRA … provides a uniquely grounded adventuring experience."
Nathaniel Berens, Adventuregamers
"Lots of exploration … amongst best walking simulator style games for PC as of 2020".
Ellie, Slant
"INFRA is an incredible achievement - a huge and expansive explorer's dream".

Responsibility at the core

INFRA is also a game with purpose. It is even considered revolutionary in some sense as it sheds light on the urban crisis and crumbling of the infrastructure that once was a source of productivity and welfare and now in many places in critical decay. Those who are civil engineers in the real life see INFRA as a way to make their voice heard and also communicate the importance of social responsibility in both business and government as it comes to decisions concerning infrastructure.

This is what our stakeholders and media think of INFRA:

"A videogame with purpose"
Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business
"INFRA is more than just a game, and it’s got a revolutionary tint to it."
PDH Academy
"INFRA: The civil engineering game we have been waiting for"
Erin Green, Engineering.com
"Environmental storytelling is hard to do, and INFRA both hits the mark and offers it in abundance.".
Colton Butler, Indieranger
"Becoming obsessed with safety in INFRA"
Christopher Livingston, PC Gamer
"It is almost unheard of for real progress to be made in the construction industry through the application of video gaming technology; yet that is exactly what we’re hearing at present, with Infra"
Ciaran Jarosz, BDC Magazine
"And finally… New video game for the secret structural integrity engineer in all of us"
INFRA asks what you’d do to stop an urban crisis"
"New video game tackles ageing infrastructure".
The Construction Index
"This is clearly the game to buy your kids, or yourself, for Christmas".
Ross Waugh, Inframanage

Presented at a Netflix series

The societal message sent by INFRA has also been recognized by the writers of the Netflix series Designated Survivor. Being inspired by the game and its story, the production of the series approached our team for collaboration. They envisioned an “infrastructure week” being very important for Tom Kirkman, the President of the United States (played by Kiefer Sutherland). The White House staff would develop an app “infrastruct” to communicate important policy issues. As a result of our collaboration, material from INFRA appeared on Episode 2 of Season 3.