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About us

Our story

We start from the crumbling America

The beginning of About Us dates to around 2010 as Oskari Samiola, the founder of the company, was watching the documentary called” The Crumbling of America”. An idea of a PC game was born and suddenly Oskari found himself running a small team of developers dreaming of INFRA – a first-person puzzle adventure game.

The company Loiste Interactive was established. The young developers figured INFRA should have an intriguing and educational story, while providing intellectual challenge and a rich world for the gamers to immerse themselves in. After some pretty heavy years of development, INFRA was launched in 2016 and the complete set of three parts was to be licensed by the end of 2017.

End up in the White House

Over the years INFRA has gained international visibility in media and it has been played and replayed for more than a million hours by its tens of thousands of licensees. Based on the gamer satisfaction and feedback, the thousands of nights developing the game and the story were not a waste of time. As a neat story of its own, INFRA even inspired the writers of the Netflix series Designated Survivor and, with the assistance of the Loiste team, materials from INFRA appeared on the series in early 2019 (season 3, episode 2). So, what started from the crumbling of America actually ended up in the White House.

Next stop - Obenseuer

After completing INFRA, the team started to work on a similar game with a different, but also educational story. Obenseuer has not been published as a full version yet. The team decided to take a different approach to provide the player community with the opportunity to influence the development and the finalization of the game through its feedback. There is a hope that Obenseuer is felt by the community as ‘theirs’ once it is completed and published. This day is not far away!