Our story

The beginning of our story dates back to around 2010 as Oskari Samiola, the founder of the company, was watching the documentary called” The Crumbling of America”. An idea of a PC game was born and suddenly Oskari found himself running a small team of developer dreaming of the publication of INFRA – a first-person puzzle adventure game. Mikko Viitaja, one of our key people today, was part of that team formed by Oskari’s pitch.

The teen boys wanted to do something different. That is what they told Iiro Jussila, who joined them as an investor in 2013 after the company Loiste Interactive Ltd was established. The game should have an intriguing and educational story, while providing suitable intellectual challenge and a rich world to immerse oneself in. The reason for Iiro and other investors to join the effort was the clear sense of purpose the team had along with their strong skills in game development.

Objectives have been met

After the launching of three parts of INFRA on Steam – a platform by the Valve Corporation – in 2016 and 2017, one can say that the original dream came true. The game has gained international visibility in media and it has been played and replayed for more than a million hours by its tens of thousands of extremely satisfied licensees. INFRA also inspired the writers of the Netflix series Designated Survivor and some INFRA material appeared on the series in early 2019 (season 3, episode 2). With the assistance of the Loiste team, the game found itself into the White House, the heart of US politics (picture below)

INFRA was followed by another similar game; OPEN SEWER. The game has not been published yet as a full version, since we wanted to provide the player community with the opportunity to influence the development and the finalization of the game through its feedback. Hereby realizing one of our dreams of having a more active participation of players in game development.

Business services start through company requests

The Loiste team followed the new opportunities INFRA opened in business services. A new business area was introduced in 2018 as companies were repeatedly in touch with the team asking for help in developing applications, algorithms, technological systems and graphics. The strong skillset of the team was put in work for business customers’ benefit and ever since this branch of the company has been growing rapidly – passing the consumer game sales in 2020. Loiste approaches its customer firms with the aim of mutual value, ambitious working, and discovery of something new, just as they did when first starting to develop INFRA.

As the company and the core team have matured, business objectives have also become more ambitious. Loiste Interactive Ltd considers the 20s as a decade of strong growth in both business services and consumer games. This will be made reality with the experience gained and the strong competences in software and game development along with great partners and investors – perhaps you?