Consumer products


A game with purpose

INFRA is a first-person puzzle adventure PC game sold in Steam. The puzzles are detailed and grounded in engineering so you may only solve them with wits and patience. INFRA is not a horror game, but you may come to feel so after playing it. Suspense and excitement come from the crumbling infrastructure as well as dark and eerie environments and the unique soundscape around you.

Open Sewer

A game combining entertainment with enlightenment

Open Sewer is a "Concretepunk" roleplaying game sold as an early access version in Steam. Early access means that new features and content are being added based on feedback from the gamer community. The game has been under development for about two years and the unannounced release date of the complete version has been moving as the project has grown more ambitious.

Being developed


A game where the world is yours

Valta is a multiplayer strategy game that has been under planning for some time. It is estimated that the game will not be completed before year 2023. According to our plans, Valta will be quite different from INFRA and its spinoffs – except of the vast amount of intriguing surroundings to feast with one’s eyes (check out the concept art below!).

The game takes place in dystopian future where the civilization has — besides one exception — shattered into tiny city states, and vast wastes ruled by bandits and tribes. Without law and organization there is no advanced technology. So, all you have is manufactured in workshops with crude tools, and what is left of the prosperous past — but they are reserved for the elite!

In Valta your task is – together with your people – to set the path towards a brighter future. You will deal with economy and politics making use of your strategic thinking and different faces of power. Who will prevail?