Management team

Oskari Samiola

Chief Executive Director

Oskari, whose background is in engineering, is the founder of the company and the dynamo of its core activities. He has been described as a true force of nature, with sharp vision, a sense of mission and an urge to make things happen. He does not shy away from presenting truly out of the box ideas. However, whatever customers may need, Oskari is known to deliver in a very concrete and accurate way.

Mikko Viitaja

Consumer games

Mikko is a strong professional of game development, who is also one of the company’s founding partners. Mikko oversees the consumer game business. He has been praised for his competencies in devel design, creativity, and impressive finishing touches on games. Mikko is also a very talented coder, who can develop highly complex systems.

Juha Kuoppala

Graphic design

Juha has been involved in the business for a few years. He has a profound understanding of graphics and excellent skills in developing extraordinary visual creations. Juha is the manager of our Open Sewer game project.

Iiro Jussila


Iiro has been sparring the firm for several years but has recently become involved also in daily operations of the firm. Iiro develops partnerships and searches for those, who the company can help meet their goals. He has knowledge of growth entrepreneurship through a management professorship focused on systemic change and understanding of organization development through his experience as a CEO and as a business coach.

Toni Haikala

Financial administration

Toni has been involved in the business for several years. In particular, he oversees company finances. Toni has experience in this area from being a CEO in real estate business and from having managerial responsibilities in HR and accounting. Toni has also served in governance of an organization in the financial sector.