Graphic design

Graphic design
– eye-catching communication you need

It is this craft that really makes our game development background visible in our collaboration. It is with the use of game technology that we can assist you in communicating messages. Recent examples include construction companies wishing to provide user-friendly models of construction sites or building layouts and businesses desiring to come up with new and meaningful logos.

With our assistance companies have been able to animate things for different stakeholders – lively and authentically. They have also been able to simulate things following scientific evidence. As an example of what can be done, we have been asked to simulate large infrastructure systems of North American metropolises fighting climate change.

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Check out our virtual model of steamship Paul Wahl

Finland is a country of thousands of lakes. A major brand operating cruises on Lake Saimaa is VIP Cruise. We developed a virtual model for the presentation and launch of their new luxury steamship Paul Wahl.