Hello, it is time to finally announce our major project we're working on, VALTA, which will be set two hundred years into a shattered and disorganized future, where only tiny city states and wastelands roamed by bandits are left.

To keep this short, here's few pieces of early concept art to show.

Also head here for more detailed information and concept art.


Old world grain silos become perfect fortresses when there isn't modern artillery available, nor grain to store.


We have smaller INFRA spin-off game in the progress, set in the notorious tenements of 'Open Sewer'.

You'll be playing as a hobo resident who have been deposited to 'Open Sewer' by city administration in their effor to clean up the city centre of all the undesirable rabble. You'll have to repair and rent tenements, trade moonshine alcohol products of questionable legality to survive and to stash enough funds to leave this cesspit of mayhem for good.


As some of you who have finished INFRA may have guessed, we have DLC in the works, taking place in an abandoned seafortress and high security prison island of Whiprock.

Projected release date, which probably won't hold true, is late this year.

There isn't much more to say at this time, so have a couple teaser pictures:


Oh yes, there'll be minitrains!

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