We haven't been very active on updating this blog, but anyway, we published trailer and store page for Open Sewer!

You can watch the trailer, and access the store page, from here:


During this summer progress with 'Open Sewer' has been steady — despite the scorching heat — we've been working on some basic gameplay features, such as: character creation, character needs system, crafting, farming, dialogue system, day/night cycle — as some of you may have already seen the looping gif we posted a while ago — and many other features and functions we've been doing what I have already forgotten of. These features are starting to be functional, excluding need of adjustment and polishing.

The character system we have been working on is pretty complicated with multiple long-term effects on gameplay.
Well, uh, first of all, player starts with an alcohol addiction — or shroom addiction, as it's hard to differentiate those two from local drinks — and it won't be an easy task to struggle free from those substances, quite a contrary, it's easier to make them far worse, ending there to be enormous cleft in your economy, where all of your earnings go towards them. And remember that alcohol can be treacherous! You'll never know how fast it kicks in, and passing out in alley is not a good option, unless you want to get robbed of course.

Character creation panel

There's still few major features in our TODO list, before we can start to focus more on adding content and lore to the game.At this pace 'Open Sewer' will see an 'Early acces'-type release before end of the year.

Also, during summer the main gameplay area saw some major progress, making only a few bordering areas and some details missing here and there. But anyway, here's few pictures what we got to show you:

Luxury tenementSafe Alley
Ooh, turnips and potatoes!
Go pick up some turnips!

Hello, it is time to finally announce our major project we're working on, VALTA, which will be set two hundred years into a shattered and disorganized future, where only tiny city states and wastelands roamed by bandits are left.

To keep this short, here's few pieces of early concept art to show.

Also head here for more detailed information and concept art.


Old world grain silos become perfect fortresses when there isn't modern artillery available, nor grain to store.


We have smaller INFRA spin-off game in the progress, set in the notorious tenements of 'Open Sewer'.

You'll be playing as a hobo resident who have been deposited to 'Open Sewer' by city administration in their effor to clean up the city centre of all the undesirable rabble. You'll have to repair and rent tenements, trade moonshine alcohol products of questionable legality to survive and to stash enough funds to leave this cesspit of mayhem for good.


As some of you who have finished INFRA may have guessed, we have DLC in the works, taking place in an abandoned seafortress and high security prison island of Whiprock.

Projected release date, which probably won't hold true, is late this year.

There isn't much more to say at this time, so have a couple teaser pictures:


Oh yes, there'll be minitrains!

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