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Within medium of games we value aestheticity, profundity and enlightenment of gamers.

Aestheticity means that we pay particular attention in the art of virtual surroundings, music, and script. We believe that artistic details, tones, and plots are important to how players experience our games.

Profundity is reflected in our careful consideration of functionality and context. Loiste will make games penetrating relatively unused themes. Forgotten time periods and places are often the context of games, while the ideas utilized are novel and sometimes at the heart of timely discourses. Realistic and interesting storytelling is one of the key points.

Enlightenment refers to the utmost purposes of games, to prepare for the sake of future. It is our desire to introduce novel concepts and raise thoughts about topical worldwide themes. Storytelling is used as a base for education by touching historical events, movements and more importantly the underlying mechanisms.



INFRA puts you into the boots of an ordinary structural analyst – nothing more than a desk jockey assigned to survey some routine structural damage. Quickly though, your mission turns from a mundane trek to a fight for survival, all caused by deep-rooted schemes of the past. Your tools are simple: the camera around your neck and the wits to navigate a virtual labyrinth of debris. How you tell your story is your choice, will you have the commitment to finish your duty, or will you ignore all else but the preservation of your own life?

INFRA is what we like to call a gun-free puzzle adventure. Instead of large explosions and powerful guns, you will rely on your cunning to survive puzzles in an incredibly detailed world. As you travel through the infrastructure of a city you will find that your actions and thorough observations ultimately determine if others will survive. A society obsessed with upgradation has brought a disaster upon itself and it is your job to help restore it.


  • Solve varying mechanical and electrical puzzles
  • Explore highly detailed maps with multiple routes and hidden secrets
  • Visit dozens of unique locations, each with their distinctive gameplay
  • Avoid hazards and survive in the crumbling world
  • Learn about the city of Stalburg and its people
  • Uncover a massive scheme behind the city's problems


INFRA: Complete (a series of three releases) includes about 50 maps and from start to end playtime will average around 50 hours.
Every map is unique in terms of environment and puzzles. Replay value is also significant.
The game has depth, since there is a lot to find out and solve.

  • Platform: Steam/Windows
  • Regular Price: EUR 22.99€, USD $24.99, GBP £18.99
  • Part I release date: January 15th 2016
  • Part II release date: September 24th 2016
  • Part III release date: September 27th 2017

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Open Sewer

Open SewerOpen SewerOpen SewerOpen SewerOpen SewerOpen SewerOpen SewerOpen SewerOpen SewerOpen Sewer

Open Sewer is a "Concretepunk" roleplaying game set in Stalburg's rundown residential district of 'Obenseuer', nicknamed 'Open Sewer' by its unfortunate residents, some of whom have been permanently deposited there against their will, as the city wants to sweep its precious posh center of all the rabble..

And at this point it should be perfectly clear to you that — according to the city's inefficient bureaucrats — you're part of that undesirable rabble.

Thanks to them, you'll need to survive in that notorious cesspit of mayhem that is 'Open Sewer' and try to make ends meet while struggling with your needs, addictions and depression.


  • Struggle with your needs, addictions and depression.
  • Learn about local urban legends.
  • Deal with the burearcy and local merchants.
  • Upkeep, upgrade and rent your tenement.
  • Complete various tasks for local residents and learn about their backgrounds.
  • Explore the cordoned off district of Obenseuer
  • Farm, brew and manufacture goods for income.


Early access release date: 12/2018

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Two hundred years into future civilization has — besides one exception — shattered into tiny city states, and vast wastes ruled by bandits and tribes.

Without law and organization, there is no advanced technology, all what we have is manufactured in workshops with crude tools, and whats left of the prosperous past — but they're reserved for the elite!

Can you, and your people, set the path towards brighter future?


Release date: TBA

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