Values and inner drivers defines and lays out the foundation for our, or any company’s, identity and inner workings, and thus, ultimately, strategy. Here’s a few of what we keep in high regard:

Reciprocity – Mutual value

Ambition – Hubble volume is not the limit

Self-reflection – Multi-dimensional learning

Improvisation – Reinvention

We're driven and motivated by:

Exploration and tinkering with new concepts and creating something new and unique from them.
Discovery – and conquest – of new frontiers and abilities.
Weird sarcastic humor – we’re in Finland after all...

We prefer:

Rational, functional and fair approach.


'Technocratic Republic of Loiste'


At the time we don't have any specific open positions, but you're free to send a portfolio along with description of your potential to [email protected]. We consider applications by case by case basis.


Loiste Interactive Oy
Founded: September 26, 2013
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Email: [email protected]
Phone: None
Community run Discord server:
EU VAT number: FI25656401