Welcome to

'Technocratic Republic

Our purpose is to develop interactive virtual environments for the needs of various industries.

And to orchestrate deep rich worlds for gamers.

Why do games exist?

Since beginning of times, people have told stories, played various games and sports in order to pass information, train skills and compete against each other – and to kill time –, all this for the sake of preparing for the future.

After evolution of societies and mediums, allowing storytelling, art, games and competitiveness to unite on a greater depth, their utmost purpose is still the same; to train and to prepare for the sake of future.

The more effective learning is, the deeper one is immersed with one's practise. And this the reason is why games ultimately exists, they allow deep immersion on the subject.

Due all this, one’s gaming diet plays an important role for one’s intellectual development, character, morals and et cetera.

Why do we exist?

We’re here to support gamers’ and various industries intellectual and professional development with profound and fun interactive worlds in form of commercial entertainment games and professional utility games, assisting them to live up to their full potential.