Game technology for practical purposes

Uses and advantages

Game technology has uses and a lot of untapped potential in the utility sector.
In example game technology could be used in – as defined at landing page – personnel training simulator, education, visualization and the list goes on including nearly any kind of gamific simulators and interactive content. Game technology could be even used to develop a engineering tool.

There's especially untapped potential and uses in the industrial sector, where game technology could be used to increase workplace safety and productivity, by creating virtual version of the workplace facility along it's core functionalities. And this virtual environment of the factory or other facility can be utilized for personnel training, briefing and preparing for exceptional situations.

Our services

We offer our game technology expertise, design and development skills at reasonable rates for utilization purposes.
We're open for any scope of a project, ranging from tiny quick visualization projects to vast full–fledged simulator aggregates.
Our projects will be shipped at high quality, regarding high functional and aesthetic standards.
Our game, INFRA, serves as a testimony of our skills and standards.

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